The Best And Branded Mixer Grinder Under Rs.10000

Do you want to make your kitchen work easier? A mixer grinder is the right choice, which could take part in many of your jobs such as making chutneys, juices, grinding ingredients, and some more. The options for you in the market are unlimited and you need to make the search for purchasing the standard quality products with long-lasting performance. You need to think about whether the cost of the product is worth its durability, quality, motor size, and reliability.

Don’t be under the opinion the companies that offer the products at an affordable price are trustworthy. The consumers need to take your own time to read the following lines that would let you know the branded products in the Indian market under the budget range of 10000.

Philips Avance Mixer Grinder And Juicer – 750 Watt (HL7707/00)

philips avance mixer grinder

Philips is one of the top-notch brands that have the capability to multiple tasks as you expect. The elegant look and smooth curves grasp close attention from the customers and make them think that it is worth considering. The features and specifications associated with this product will assist you in all your kitchen work to deliver a delicious meal. The entire design of this mixer grinder will blow your mind and convenience you to purchase it. Here, you can grind all the ingredients in accordance with your needs and requirements and so you don’t want to spend much time when grinding the harder materials like turmeric, dry coconut, etc.

philips mixer with atta kneading

Features: leak-proof jars, Special Jar for Atta Kneading, power chop technology for better performance, 2 years of the warranty period, 750 watts with 4 levels of speed.

Bosche TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder Juicer – 1000 Watts

bosch Truemixx mixer

At present, the Bosche truemixx pro mixer grinder is quite popular among the customers. People get mesmerized with its stunning features and stylish look. It makes your kitchen rich and cuts down your burden while preparing delicious dinner and meals. It holds a motor with a capacity of 1000 watts to make your job simple and easier. However, you never have seen the blades with such sharpness in any other brand. It can grind even the harder ingredients in a smooth manner and the result is quite surprising.

Features: motor with the capacity of 24000RPM, ideal for dry and wet grinding, mixing, and blending, comes with 2 years of the warranty period.

Preethi Zion Juicer Mixer Grinder – 750 Watt ( MG-227 )

preethi zion mixer grinder

The well-brand Preethi zodiac mixer grinder creates a priceless smile on customers’ faces with its multitasking features. If you want to make your kitchen area efficient, then don’t delay to purchase this brand among a wide range of options. Apart from regular tasks, it can also perform some other kitchen-related works to reduce the challenges and burdens faced by the homemakers. The black color finish can make the kitchen appearance even more elegant. The motor speed is amazing without showing any vibrate feel even if it runs at the top speed.

Features: multipurpose jar, 2 years warranty for the whole unit, and 5 years for a motor, overload protection to enhance the life of the motor, free from vibration effects.

Bottom Lines

The above-written lines might give you a clear view of the branded mixer grinders with its unified features under the budget of 10000. Make use of this information, if you have an idea to purchase the best Indian brand product at a reasonable cost.


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